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Tuscan Cottage reinterprets the charm of the English style with the excellence of the Italian know-how, combining uniqueness, craftsmanship, design, and comfort, using only precious fabrics and colors with a contemporary and elegant taste. The result is a complete collection of household linens, made up of plaids and blankets made of fine yarns, bed sets and duvet covers made with the best cottons, cushions that furnish with style.
Tuscan Cottage was born from the encounter of actor and director Luca Calvani’s creativity and Di Maestro’s experience and professionalism, an Italian company that has been producing for over 50 years respecting the Planet. Tuscan Cottage is an iconic collection, with great charm, perfect fusion between comfort and refinement, style and attention to detail.
Tuscan Cottage is love for the authentic made in Italy, it is respect for tradition and an innate talent for innovation, it is style, care, quality, design, which add a touch of class to any environment, making it a warm and welcoming place.

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